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About us

Prima Komforts Ltd was established in 2001. The following year the company took part in a state-organized competition; then came the first success. The company’s main field of activity is manufacturing orthopaedic footwear of various complexity as well as surgical footbeds.

The experience and efficiency of our staff can be traced way back to 1973 – ever since we’ve been administering services to handicapped people in need of orthopaedic production. This allows our company to successfully fulfill our goals, introduce new manufacturing technologies, achieve better results, improve the standards of the customer service and, finally, remain the leader in the Latvian market in this sector.

In 2003 Prima Komforts Ltd introduced additional auxiliary devices for the people in Latvia who suffer from various speech and motor system impediments as well as for those valuing elegant, stylish, helpful accessories, undoubtedly underscoring one’s individuality. Europe’s leading manufacturers themselves guarantee their comfort and quality.

Wide variety of both natural and synthetic materials contributes to the durability and safety of the walkingsticks, and the decoration materials (silver, gold, sophisticated fabrics, valuable sorts of wood, bamboo) transform them into luxury items.

The big range of products offered by our company doesn’t leave our customers and business partners indifferent.

On our web site you can get the detailed description of all the items as well as order them.

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